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Help Your Body

Even before birth, the human body is already magically developing as cells replicate into the many specialized functions necessary for life.

And, from the moment of birth, with every breath that you take, your body continues to follow its innate patterns with the fundamental goal of keeping you alive.

However, we are not simply physical beings but also thinking beings with feelings. Once we acknowledge that our bodies are linked in a delicate relationship with our emotions and our minds, all of which affect each other, then we understand that to be truly healthy we must care for all aspects of ourselves. Only then can we expect to experience the elusive sense of well-being which we all seek.

But with this knowledge comes personal responsibility. It's up to each one of us to maintain balance between this trinity of life and although it may sound somewhat daunting at first to juggle not only your physical health with the demands of a family and a job but to take into consideration your brain's needs and your emotional health as well, I have collected a handful of tips to make it easier.

Each tip is a proven set of effective techniques that are simple, which cost nothing, and which will enrich your life beyond what you ever thought was possible. These tips work because they are based on behavioral psychology; in short, they succeed for the very reason that they capitalize on how your brain already works.

In essence, they are tools to help you to help yourself.

Be Aware
Control Stress
Harness Habit
Buddy System for Support
Time Management
Be Positive
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Body's Ingenius Design
Birthright to Good Health
Work with your Body and not against it
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Food as Fuel and Nutrition
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To Help Itself
Tools for Success