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The human body depends upon food in order to generate the energy required for life. Without food, we eventually weaken and die.

But, more and more, there is a trend toward the consumption of empty calories in the form of convenience foods that may taste good and satisfy hunger but which offer little or no nutritional value. These types of foods may keep us going for a while but ultimately they can't sustain us. In the documentary SuperSize Me, Morgan Spurlock illustrated how a chronic diet of fast food can be physically harmful when he experienced heart palpitations and a decrease in his energy level in addition to the excessive weight gain.

But, as McDonald's argued in their defense, the public isn't forced to eat fast food. It is a matter of choice and with that freedom of choice comes personal responsibility. Just as we can choose to eat the wrong things, so, too, can we choose to eat the right foods, in the right combinations, and in the right amounts, thereby allowing our bodies to function according to innate cycles and processes exactly the way that they are meant to.

When you feed your body foods that support physiological processes, it functions optimally, meaning that the intake of calories provides the raw fuel to be converted into energy, delivers nutrients to be used in vital life-sustaining processes, and at the same time ensures that the body resists falling prey to disease, illness, or infection.

When everything is working in its own miraculous rhythm, and the intake of calories is balanced by the efficient use of those calories, then the inevitable result is a healthy body that maintains its own ideal weight for a lifetime.

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