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With so many demands upon us day after day, we each need all of the energy that we can get; however, more often than not, we feel tired, sluggish, and drained of this much-needed energy.

Part of the problem is that as we age our bodies produce less of a particular substance known as coenzyme Q10 which is present in the mitochondria of cells and is an essential compound for generating the body's energy. We also get coenzyme Q10 from our food but when food is fried, up to 32% of it is lost.

Other factors that contribute to a lack of natural energy are stressful jobs, strained relationships, and a sedentary lifestyle.

The good news is that there are a number of ways to reclaim your natural energy without having to resort to caffeine, and most of these alternatives to caffeine cost nothing but a little effort.

Exercise, of course, is one of the first ways that come to mind but spinal stretches, deep breathing, and listening to upbeat music are all very effective at boosting your energy level as well.

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