So, are you just a little bit curious as to who Gia is?

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Gia is a student of human nature and a creative soul who seeks beauty in the commonplace. She writes novels, nonfiction works, and promotional material; taking words and arranging them so as to create something that will educate, entertain, or inspire others.

For her works of fiction, she trusts her imagination to supply her with countless ideas that nearly always take on a life of their own.

For nonfiction, Gia is a researcher's researcher. With a degree in History, she is especially interested in real-life historical mysteries. As she says, it is in the footnotes of history that the truth is hidden.

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Sea Turtle Hatchling

Moreover, since 2005, Gia has volunteered a great deal of time helping a nonprofit organization that promotes sea turtle conservation. She reviews, edits, and writes material for articles and promotional pieces in addition to creating presentations for community outreach programs and also serves as webmistress for the organization's website.

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About Gia Oldman

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Gia Oldman's FavoritesBook ~

by Diana Gabaldon

Gemstone ~

Rose Quartz

Quote ~

To thine ownself be true
by Shakespeare

Movie ~

The Princess Bride

Poem ~

 The Stolen Child
by William Butler Yeats

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